Reliable Slate Roofing services?

Are you looking for a professional slate roof restoration, repair, and replacement? We provide the same premium service and attention to detail regardless of the building type or size.

Traditional roofing methods, lasting materials, and a classic approach to business is The Durable Way, and slate roofing is our art.

You can count on an expert.

Slate is a traditional and durable roofing material that adds beauty and character to your house, place of worship, or business. Although slate can be more expensive to install, the initial cost is offset by its incredible longevity, which produces less environmental waste than synthetic counterparts and imparts high-quality, old-world durability to your home and surroundings.

Slate roofs can last a century if properly installed and maintained regularly (or longer). Unfortunately, slate is frequently mistreated or mishandled by amateurs, resulting in a defective product and avoidable repairs (and expenses).

With customer service and dependability being two of our main priorities when completing a slate roof restoration, we must get to know our clients. We believe that receiving feedback is the best way to determine whether or not we are succeeding. We take pride in our ability to communicate openly with customers and guide them through our process.

Put your confidence in a professional

Unfortunately, the incredible durability of slate is jeopardized by inexperienced contractors who do not specialize in this premium material. Even though slate is durable, it can be damaged just like any other material if mishandled; the actual durability of a slate roof is attributable to the slates acting together in a mesh, equivalent to a phalanx to keep water and material from accessing your home or company.

To cut costs and compete on price, slate roofing contractors will frequently use low-quality slate, often imported, instead of better but more expensive options. Slate roofing is more costly than other, less durable roofing options in the beginning. Cost savings in materials or labour are frequently too good to be accurate and will result in higher costs in the long run.

We frequently repair damage caused by non-specialist errors such as improperly soldered joints, false nails, excessive traffic on the slates causing hairline fractures, incorrect underlayment, and so on.

The beauty of a slate roof stems from its implied strength, at least in part. It’s stone – a very durable material, except when it has sustained a long-term injury that has gone unnoticed or ignored for years, worsening. So it’s tempting to hire a less expensive contractor willing to make any promise to get the job.

On the other hand, a strong sales pitch that does not focus on fundamentals and transparency should be viewed cautiously. If properly installed and maintained, a slate roof replacement or repair is not expensive.

Inexperienced roofing contractors destroying slate roofs is a slowly evolving tragedy; they collapse all too often, damaging what should be a century-old roof and bringing unnecessary cost, worry, and heartache to what should be a virtually maintenance-free investment in your house. Instead, continue to rely on the slate experts. You’ll save money, time, and stress.

Should I repair or replace it?

In general, slate roofs can be repaired rather than replaced. Except when they’ve reached the end of their enormous service life or something unusually catastrophic has occurred. A well-maintained slate roof on a similarly well-maintained home can last a century or longer. Two centuries or more is typical for some particularly hardy types of slate. 

However, the maintenance aspect is critical. A roof is a system made up of interconnected parts, each with its own service life and potential failure points. To that end, we recommend that all of our customers have an annual inspection. This is important for two reasons: notify you if any damage occurred during the winter and keep you ahead of any significant repairs. Facilitates budgeting. The best way to save money on your roof is to be proactive about it. You should permanently repair it before it leaks. Why spend more money on interior repairs?

Let us work together to preserve history.

Maintaining your historic roof is a responsibility that you should not underestimate. Generations before you tackled the simple task of roof maintenance, and we appreciate their efforts every time we gaze up at a magnificent, century-old slate roof. This old roof is now in your hands, and it is up to you to protect it so that it can withstand another century of rain and snow.