European Gutters

If you’re looking for high-end Gutters then you’ve arrived at the right place. At Merlin’s Roofing, we only install Lindab European Gutters, the roof drainage system that offers the highest quality when it comes to durability, adaptability, ease of installation and aesthetics. European Gutters suit residential, commercial and industrial buildings equally due to their versatile nature. They are incredibly practical with several key features, while at the same time adding tremendous beauty and value to your home. Whether you are a builder, architect or DIY’er, Lindab European Gutters has the style and solution for a long-lasting answer to your roof drainage issues.

Metal gutters

The main difference you will see between typical gutters on most homes and European Gutters is the significant jump in build quality. By simply holding the two side by side it’s a night and day difference. Much like our Standing Seam Metal Roofing, our European Gutters are a notch above the rest for quality control and also beautiful aesthetics. They look high-end and part of a true architectural design. 

Made from 22G steel, they match perfectly with your metal roof and come in several colour selections to accentuate your home. 

The Best Roof deserves the Best European Gutters