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Merlin’s Roofing Co. is very proud to introduce our new state-of-the-art roof panel making machine. We can now offer our clients an unmatched experience in our geographic location, as both the manufacturer and installer of your roof. We pride ourselves in making only the best quality steel and paint products. Say goodbye to long delays and turnaround times waiting for panels!

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Merlin’s Magic Lock Standing Seam panels are manufactured in Poltimore, Québec.
Merlin’s Roofing Co. is proud to be the only company in the Ottawa/Gatineau region that offers both the manufacturing and installation of standing seam roof panels. This ensures that when you buy a complete roofing system from Merlin’s Roofing Co., you receive one unified warranty for the workmanship and materials. With these services, we eliminate the dreaded 4-12 week wait period for “one more panel”.
As a client, you also receive the benefit of having a local, Canadian manufactured roof, which is 100% produced in-house. From the locally made roofing panels, to the custom made flashings and trims, all the way to the European Guild techniques used during installation; Merlin’s Roofing Co.’s team of dedicated craftsmen and craftswomen, ensure your one-of-a-kind roof is engineered to last for centuries.
If you are a homeowner or contractor looking to install Merlin’s Roofing Co. products, we are happy to provide you with all the materials and tools that you need for your project (on-site training may be requested).
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Standard Priced Colours 26G

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Premium Priced Colours 24G (including thicker steel)

Colors 3 | Merlins Roofing


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Colors 4 | Merlins Roofing

Cascadia Tex

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