Is a Metal Roof a good investment?

Life-Cycle: When compared to the replacement costs of asphalt shingles, a metal roof is by far the most economical and ecological solution. Not only will it transform the aesthetic appeal, but it also protects your family or business for generations to come.

Insurance savings: Many insurance companies recognize the added security of a metal roof and reflect that value in reducing premiums. This is due to its resistance to fire, hail, wind uplift, and more.

Energy Savings: A metal roof takes in less heat from the sun in the summer, keeping it cool, while helping keep your home warm in the winter because of its protection. This translates up to 15% savings on your energy bills.

How long can I expect my metal roof to last?

A Merlin’s Legend Lock Metal Roof can easily last over 100 years. Traditional copper double-lock standing seam roofs can last up to 600 years without replacement.

Is a metal roof noisy?

A metal roof installed on top of a solid plywood deck is normally quite quiet and does not make noise inside the house as some people expect. If it’s installed on top of a hollow chamber there is a greater chance of it sounding like a drum. 

Where are the metal panels manufactured?

Merlin’s Roofing Co. manufactures its panels! This can be done at any worksite or in our warehouse. This allows us to be 100% accurate and provide custom materials without delays. Panels can also be made and shipped anywhere in the world.

Does Merlin's Roofing offer Snow Guards?

Yes, we install Snow Guards on all types of metal and shingle roofs. Installing a solid snow guard system, engineered to last even the harshest of winters, will stop dangerous snow and ice from falling. This avoids the liability of potentially injuring or damaging people and/or property. 

Is metal roofing environmentally friendly?

Yes, it’s the most environmentally friendly roofing choice on the market. Not only is it 97% recyclable, but its long life cycle drastically reduces waste from disposal of the old roof into landfills and the environmental cost of re-installing a new roof.

Can we do metal roof coating/painting?

Yes we do! At Merlin’s Roofing, we can provide a top-of-the-line roof coating which can extend the life span of a roof for 10-20 years. We have 10 standard colours, 4 premium colours, and an option to match a colour of your choice as best we can.

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