Pros and Cons of Steel & Metal Siding

Your home’s siding, after your roof, is the most significant contributor to curb appeal and structural safety.

When choosing your home siding, remember the ease or complexity of cleaning, how well it insulates your home, and what type and colour choices are possible.

Brick, mortar, stucco, timber, fabricated wood, fibre cement, vinyl, aluminum, and steel are examples of siding materials. Unless association rules restrict the selection criteria, you have a variety of siding choices!


Low Maintenance: When correctly built, steel siding takes relatively little maintenance. It holds up remarkably well in northern climates with harsh winters. Metal is unaffected by snow, sleet, ice, fog, or wind. Metal can not trap moisture or encourage the growth of mould or bacteria, all of which can damage a house’s framing and make people sick.  Insects hate steel siding, eliminating infestation and damage caused by birds searching for a food source. 

Damage Resistant: Steel siding, due to its thickness and weight, is resistant to any hail, airborne debris, and other impacts.

Fire Resistant: Metal-clad structures are nearly fireproof. People living in a high-risk area or experiencing repeated lightning storms should strongly consider metal siding and roofing. In addition to increased peace of mind, steel siding can qualify you for a discount on your homeowner insurance.

Looks Great: Metal siding construction has advanced significantly over the years. Patterns and materials that realistically resemble wood are now available from manufacturers. Standing seam siding and corrugated panels have a tidy, modern appearance. Pre-painted metal in a variety of colours will have twenty years or more of worry-free life. 

Environmentally Responsible: Steel is an excellent alternative among eco-conscious homeowners since it is recyclable. 

Of course, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. Steel siding can have some drawbacks.


Not Bulletproof: While it is damage resistant, even the most heavy-duty siding can dent if hit hard enough. Sharp points will scratch it, much like your vehicle.

Rust: Steel, in general, retains the colour well. Steel siding does not get chalky like aluminum siding or fade and peel like painted wood siding. Damaged steel siding, on the other hand, could rust after being exposed to the elements. We don’t have to think about salt spray in our part of the world, so if you live in an environment with regular fogs or other dampness, keep this in mind.

Cost: Steel siding is more costly than many other forms of siding. Since it is heavier than other siding types, it can cost more and take longer to build. However, the higher life span of steel siding than most other siding forms balances these upfront costs.

Insulation: Metal siding does not insulate other siding forms, allowing more exterior temperature and noise to enter; it can resolve these problems by incorporating insulating material under the siding.

Is steel siding any good?

Choosing which siding to use on your house is a significant decision. Since different types of siding work differently and have different advantages, it is critical to study choosing the right siding for your house.

Steel siding could be a good choice for you if you want a siding material designed to last and survive storms. Steel siding is perhaps the most challenging and most reliable siding currently available to homeowners. 

How long will steel siding be expected to last?

Steel siding lasts up to fifty years if properly maintained. This siding coating has galvanized steel consistency, making it very rugged and robust, withstand bumps, dents, and other potential dings.

Will my house be safe from a hail storm if I have steel siding installed?

Steel siding is more complex and heavier than other siding forms, rendering it less susceptible to hail and excessive wind damage.

Steel is one of the many material options siding professionals have to offer. Every type of siding has its advantages and disadvantages, which you can weigh to make your home exterior design decisions. For all of your home improvement concerns, contact Merlin’s Roofing. We are here to provide siding installation services and storm damage repair. Give us a call at (613)-601-2570 or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate.