Privacy Policy

By using this site you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of all personal and non-personal information provided through forms, blogs, comments, reviews or email.

1.0 Protection of Rights
Merlin’s Roofing Co. is committed to protecting all information and privacy rights of you the user. The terms of this privacy policy are in conjunction with all information given through this website – This policy may be changed by Merlin’s Roofing Co. at any time and the user assumes responsibility to adhere to the most recently updated version. If the changes affect the user in a way they see as unfair or unjust, then the user will be given a 168-hour levy of the changes from the time of publishing to the web. For any other circumstance please contact Merlin’s Roofing Co. through the contact link.

1.1 Consent to Collection of Personal Information
Your privacy and personal and non-personal information will only be attained by Merlin’s Roofing Co if and only if you provide it to us. No personal or non-personal information will be sold to spammers, or third-party companies, and will only be viewed or used by Merlin’s Roofing Co and its affiliated companies. Merlin’s Roofing Co. does use Google Analytics but opts out of the use of sharing any personal information. Only non-personal information can be collected and will be kept anonymous. Please read Google’s privacy policy for more detailed information.

Personal information may be used by Merlin’s Roofing Co. to deliver advertisements for its own products and/or services. You will not receive any unsolicited or third-party advertisements by providing your personal information.

1.2 Security of Personal Information
The security of your personal information is important to us. We conduct strict standards to ensure that your information is not mistreated. Our policies provide users with peace of mind which includes but is not limited to:
– Ensuring affiliates sign contract agreements to ensure any personal information is not
used for any unauthorized purposes.
– Limiting access of personal information to any new or unauthorized employees.
– Storing all personal information on a secure network to which no unauthorized users may access it.
– Using a purchased SSL Certificate to enhance security on this site. All pages that require the submission of any kind of personal information have SSL implemented.

1.3 Financial Information
Merlin’s Roofing Co. does NOT store any financial information in its database. Payment options will be provided by our Sales staff.

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