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Merlin’s Standing Seam Metal Panels are a premium option for those looking for the best in roof protection while not compromising on beauty.

High end metal roof

A few key features

Wide 19 7/8" panels for a clean and ARTISTIC aesthetic

The standard width for Metal Panels and what most of our competitors sell at is between 12″ and 18″, 16″ being the most common. We decided to make our panels at 19 7/8″ after years of product research. We believe we have found the “sweet spot” for design aesthetics that makes our Metal Roofs distinguishable, and in our opinion, the best looking.

Made to last 100+ years

The main reason why our Metal Roofs last 100+ years is not what you would think. Yes, the quality of our Standing Seam Metal Roofing is unmatched, but it’s our education on how to shape metal and how original artisan tinsmiths create long-lasting beautiful architecture that allows us to make this claim. We don’t rely on caulking or today’s standard bonding materials to do the job. They end up failing time and time again. We use an older metal shaping methodology that keeps water out and provides longevity beyond what we are used to in our modern era.

For more information on our process, please click on “Snap Lock Standing Seam” below.

Made locally in quebec, canada

We love supporting locals whenever we can, and we’re proud to be locally owned and operated. However, the big difference between us and other local roofing companies, is that we manufacture our own Standing Seam panels.  We wanted to control the entire process. This helps us provide the best possible metal roof for our client’s homes, and we are never stuck putting on what is shipped to us. We create the best panels on the market, thoroughly check for quality, and offer installation as well.

When you purchase your Metal Roof from Merlin’s Roofing, you’re not just supporting a local company, you’re putting your trust in Canadians who went “all-in”. You put your trust in a company that simply does not compromise on quality. We not only want our Metal Roofs to look top-of-the-line, but we also care about them being completed on time.

Comes in a variety of colours

At Merlin’s Roofing, we offer over 70 colour options in standard (SMP) and premium paints (PVDF).

Our Sales Team will walk you through your options and can always provide suggestions, based on their knowledge and expertise.
Snap Lock Standing Seam

Our Legend lock standing seam metal roofing is the best type of metal roof that exists. A bold statement we stand behind. A Standing Seam is a historic joinery method to lock two pieces of materials together. Long before solder or welding were ever invented, guild member tinsmiths would travel from country to country throughout western Europe fastening metal buckets, cups, and castle roof flashings. Utilizing techniques similar to origami, ancient craftsmen discovered the various methodologies and knowledge required to fold metal together in ways that allowed the metal to fold around complex shapes by joining different pieces of metal together using various types of folds and locks. 

Today these historic techniques are referred to by craftsmen from around the world as “traditional Standing Seam Metal Roofing methods” or “European Guild-approved Standing Seam Metal Roofing methods”.  Although old, these methods of joining metal together remain far superior to any methodologies which rely on caulking, solder, or petrochemical sealants. One of the main benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing technology is that it allows for the expansion and contraction of the metal because the seams can “breathe”. 

Merlin’s Roofing Co. studies these ancient techniques which have been perfected and improved upon over the last millennium. European Guild techniques are now taught by various masters throughout the world. Merlin’s Roofing Co. works closely with the foremost master/expert in Canada, Peter Steetz from Steetz Copper Craft, as well as various European masters from around the world including Russia, Sweden, Germany, and more via the internet. We are constantly studying to improve our techniques so that we can be leaders in bringing sustainable, environmentally friendly, roofing solutions for the full life-span of the structures they protect. 


high-end craftmanship

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