Among the several metal roofing materials available, homeowners frequently opt for copper roofs or installation due to their flair and elegance. Copper roofing provides a distinctive appearance that is particularly attractive on homes with timber exteriors. A unique copper roof will change colour over time, eventually achieving a beautiful jade-like tone.

If you’re in the market for a fantastic copper roof or copper roof installation for your house, Merlin’s Roofing is the ideal choice. We build one-of-a-kind personalized copper installations for our clients based on their preferences. Our experienced craftsmen create unique copper standing seam roofs, copper domes, and unique ornamental copper features.

Why Copper Roofing Is Excellent For Your Home

Apart from their visual appeal, custom copper roofing and sheet metal have several practical advantages that make them an excellent choice for homeowners. Copper is incredibly robust and naturally corrosion-resistant. It can resist extreme weather, including torrential downpours and snow. When fitted appropriately, copper provides high resistance to leakage. Additionally, copper is a good fire retardant. Because it is non-combustible, it is an excellent roofing material for residences located in areas prone to flames.

Finally, copper is significantly more durable than asphalt shingles and shake. As with any roof system, adequate care is necessary to ensure the copper roof’s longevity.

Outstanding Curb Appeal For Your Home

Few would contest that custom copper roofing and installations are unmatched in terms of aesthetics and curb appeal. Copper complements any other roof system, allowing you to highlight specific portions of your roof or home fa├žade by investing a little more in those places that you want to stand out the most. If you’re considering copper roofing for your home or company, contact Merlin’s Roofing. We can provide recommendations on how to utilize copper to highlight specific areas while staying inside your budget.

Custom Copper and Sheet Metal Roofing Benefits

There are numerous metal materials, each with its unique style and options.

Copper is a timeless substance with a long life. When properly maintained, copper can endure more than a century. Numerous Canadian structures have been crowned with copper. Copper’s beauty and durability alone make it an excellent choice for your house. Continue reading to discover other benefits of copper roofing for your property.

  1. Modifying the Style

Copper complements a wide variety of architectural types. Copper is a versatile material that can be used in various ways, from modern to traditional.

  1. Adaptability

Copper is not just versatile; it is also malleable. Due to the material’s malleability, it is perfect for custom applications. Copper may be shaped into shapes that complement the natural structure of your home by a professional constructor and metal worker.

  1. Resistant to the elements

Copper is as indifferent to weather circumstances as an elephant is to a fly. Your copper will eventually take on a greenish colour. Your copper roof will only become stronger as a result of the colour change.

  1. Impervious to fire (and Resistant to Mildew and Fungus)

Copper is a non-flammable substance, which means it will not catch fire due to several improper wiring or electrical storms. Additionally, you can rest assured that copper is not a biocompatible substance. On a copper surface, fungus and mildew cannot develop.

  1. Low-maintenance and energy-efficient

Copper is resistant to weather conditions and requires little maintenance to remain functional and beautiful. By choosing copper, you can avoid the inconvenience of continuing work.

  1. Easy on the structure of your home

Copper is a relatively light metal. Due to its smaller weight than many other roofing materials, your home will not be subjected to the same level of stress as it would be otherwise. When you have a copper roof, you can save money on repairs and maintenance for the underlying structure of your home.

Special Order a Unique Copper Work

While copper is pliable, it retains its strength throughout and after shaping. Our team of highly experienced artisans can manipulate this extraordinary material into whatever configuration our customers choose. We can bring our customers’ visions to reality with our customization of several skills. Our unique copper work can be found on several historically noteworthy residences across the Quebec area. Contact us today to see how we may assist you in bringing your vision to life.