Homeowners are turning to metal roofs because they are a good investment: they’re easy to install, light in weight and accurate in size, so there’s little waste.

Copper is the most common roofing material despite its high cost. The use of copper in structures has been common for hundreds of years, with its dependability being a well-known characteristic. It is protected by the patina that develops when it oxidizes.

When homeowners and renovators buy copper roofing supplies, they should investigate to get the greatest deal. Getting a new copper roof installed requires hiring an expert. It is common for consumers to ask the roofer to order the materials, but negotiating the price may be even more effective.

If you’re on a tight budget, the materials can be ordered from a wholesaler, and the contractor can be hired to complete the task. In addition to providing savings, some companies offer “seconds” of copper roofing panels. 

Ensure that a copper roof matches your specific needs by speaking with an architect before negotiating with the contractor. A landscape architect can assess your future roof’s appearance and advise you on the colour and design.

To see different forms of copper roofs, you can also search the Internet. Search for “copper roofing” in a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Links to wholesalers offering various patterns and colours are featured in the portfolio of pages.Copper Roofing


It’s time to find the best price for the contractor once you’ve completed a basic investigation. You can find a great price at a store when you shop for retail items, and you have to haggle with a contractor to lower your expenses. Compromises will take more effort, but the rewards will be even greater.

You’ll want to get bids from at least five providers. Take a drive and write down the names of anyone you see working in your neighbourhood. The phone numbers of the crew members will be posted at job locations. If you need to hire an assistant, ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Every contractor will send someone to your residence to determine what tasks are necessary. Old materials will be taken to the dump only if they need to be removed and cost more than just dumping them.

Materials costs will be marked up to increase profits by all contractors. You will have a better notion of the appropriate markup, though, if you compare the pricing from other companies.

You should start by finding at least a few bids, and then you can negotiate with the company you want to work with most and ask if they are willing to meet the bid. If they cannot compromise, and you are determined to work with them, see if they are eager to meet you halfway. Take the competitive quote with you in writing so that your preferred supplier knows to take you seriously.

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