What Are the Top Benefits of Slate Roofing​

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slate roofingTop Benefits of Slate Roofing​

Are you thinking of getting a slate roof for your house? Here are the top slate roof features to help you determine whether slate is suitable for your roof!

When it comes to material selection for their roof, many homeowners have concerns. Slate is a unique roofing material that is often ignored because consumers are unaware of its importance and capability. Before deciding on a slate roof, make sure you have all of your issues and complaints addressed by a competent roofing contractor. Some of the most frequently asked slate roofing questions are mentioned below.

What styles and colours are available for slate roofing?

Slate roofing types include textural and graduated installations, as well as mixed colours and patterns. The typical pattern style and the random width style are two of the most common patterns used in the United States. Visit Merlin’s Roofing to see all of the styles and examples. Slate can vary in texture and style, ranging from very smooth and uniform to very rough and rustic. Slate colours vary from subdued to vibrant; greys and blacks are the most prominent, but there are also oranges, purples, and reds.

How long does slate roofing last?

Slate is a geomorphic rock that forms from a shale-type sedimentary rock containing clay or volcanic ash by low-grade regional metamorphism. As a result, this roofing material has been used for millions of years. Slate is exceptionally durable and can last for hundreds of years with little or no upkeep. It is fair to assume that your slate roof would last for at least 75 to 100 years or longer. It is essential, though, that you should not apply something to your slate roofs, such as sealant or paint, as this will cause the roof to age prematurely.

What are the advantages of slate roofing over shingle roofing?

Slate is a “forever roof” because homeowners would only need to install one in their lifetime, while they can replace a shingle roof two or three times. Because of its natural elegance and longevity, slate roofing will also improve your house’s resale value. Slate is regarded as an attractive roofing material that will complement your home’s architectural style and retain its appearance over time. Other advantages of slate roofing include its inherent resistance to fire and mould and its low water absorption, which renders it very vulnerable to frost damage and breakage due to freezing.

slate roofing - 2What do you do to get your roof ready for slate?

Slate is a very bulky material that will add 500 pounds to the weight of the roof. If you did not build your house for slate, you would need to have your roof inspected by a structural engineer. This will mean that the roof is ready to support the weight of slate roofing.

What is the cost differential between slate and shingle roofing?

Slate is a costly commodity and can cost two to three times as much as a typical architectural shingle roof. The cost of a slate roof would also vary based on the home’s scale and the roof pitch.

Is it possible to restore a slate roof?

You can restore your slate roof whenever you want. A licensed roofing contractor should inspect the slate roof and locate the broken parts. The patch is as easy as slipping out the damaged slate and replacing it with a new piece and having a specialist review the roof once a year would also help you maintain the highest possible condition on your slate.

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