Everything You Need to Know About Copper Roofing in Quebec

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Copper is one of the most popular metals known to man. According to archaeologists, skilled craftspeople smelted a malleable, orangey-brown substance into tools and weapons during the Copper Age. Over the centuries, metallurgy advanced. It wasn’t long before copper became a popular building material, especially on the roofs of higher-end structures such as sky-reaching cathedral roofs and spectacular domes.

Copper roofs - 1Copper roofs aren’t just beautiful to look at. Copper is one of the most durable roofing materials available. Artisans can quickly form it into a variety of complex and challenging shapes. Copper’s exquisite beauty comes from the way it ages. From its gleaming new appearance to its darkening stages, Copper’s ageing process is a natural phenomenon that is unique to Copper.

What are the different types of copper roofs?

Although a copper roof is usable on any form of construction, there are only a few different copper roofing materials. Each one has a distinct design purpose as well as a particular installation application. Roofing contractors who have been educated and have experience with copper roofing systems are the best people to ask about which type of copper roof is best for a specific structure.

  • Continuous copper roofing – is a specialized application that is usually prefabricated and built for a specific job. It entails laying out copper sheets on a roofing substrate that come together in one piece with no joints or seams. The most expensive alternative is continuous copper roofing.
  • Copper panels – Compared to continuous boards, panels are less costly. They’re hand-installed sectional copper sheets with clear seams that come in regular widths. A method known as standing seam copper roofing involves crimping several seams. On-site brazing or welding is used on the remaining seams.
  • Copper roofing shingles – Because of their low cost, they are often used.

What are the benefits of a copper roof?

  • Architectural appeal – Copper roofs are beautiful, and there is no better way to compliment those architectural styles than by integrating copper roof shingles or seamless panels into a design.
  • Durability – Only copper is a roofing material that gets stronger with age. From high winds to torrential rainfall, a copper roof will endure it all. Copper develops a protective film that serves as a barrier or shield as it ages.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Copper roofs are initially more costly than most other roofing systems, but they are more cost-effective in the long run because of their relatively long service life.
  • Low maintenance – Copper roofs, in most cases, do not require any maintenance.
  • Lightweight – Copper roofs are lighter than other roofing materials, such as thick concrete tiles or slate shingles.
  • Lower thermal movements – When the roof goes through hot and cold periods, there is very little expansion and contraction. Copper has a high heat threshold, resulting in limited creep and stretch stress on these roofs.
  • Fireproofing – Copper roofs are also excellent protection against a nearby building that caught fire. It takes a tremendous amount of heat to distort copper.
  • High-value retention – Simply because of the visual effects, a higher real estate value can be expected. When the expense of a building with a copper roof is weighed against the durability and sustainability it provides, high-end buyers know the benefit of doing so.

Copper roofs - 2Contract With a Copper Roofing Professional

There’s no denying that copper roofs are pricey. A copper roof would have a much higher initial cost than an average roof. The long-term benefits and payback, on the other hand, are unrivalled. Copper roofs, if professionally designed, will last several years.

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