Steel & Metal Roofing

Life Expectancy:

While the initial material and installation cost of a metal roof type is higher than asphalt shingle roofs, their longevity is far superior lasting 50 to 150 years when Merlin’s in-house manufactured standing seam is used. Metal roofs last 10 times longer than a typical asphalt shingle roof, which most times only lasts 7 to 14 years.

Return on Investment:

Metal roofing can also increase the resale value of your home. Homeowners who invest in metal roofing get a return on investment which is dependent on their home’s resale value. A long lasting roof becomes the economic choice over the long term life-span of the home based on inflation and replacement costs. Metal roofing can also lower your insurance rates and save you money because of its fire resistance, Metal roofs boast a contemporary style, extensive warranties, and are very durable even in extreme elements such as heavy snow, hail, and even fire. It takes an advanced knowledge to properly install metal roofs and we price ourselves on constantly striving to be the best in Canada.

Types of Metal Roofing We Offer

    • Aluminum Roofs
    • Copper Roofing
    • Zinc Metal Roof
Types of Metal Roofing Canada

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam roofs are the most common metal roof design due to its availability all over the U.S. to roofing installers and easy access to metal materials. The design features vertical panels that are joined by interlocking seams as seen below.

Double Lock Standing Seam

Double lock standing seam metal roofing is the best type of metal roof that exists. A double lock seam is a historic joinery method to lock two pieces of materials together. Long before solder or welding were ever invented guild member tins smiths would travel from country to country throughout western Europe fastening metal buckets, cups, and castle roof flashings. Utilizing techniques similar to Origami, ancient craftsman discovered the various methodology and knowledge required to fold metal together in ways that allowed the metal to fold around complex shapes by joining various pieces of metal together using various folds and locks. Today these historic techniques are referred to by craftsman from around the world as “Traditional double lock standing seam methods” or “European Guild approved double lock standing seam methods”. Although old, these methods of joining metal together remain far superior to any methodology which relies on caulking, solder, or petrochemical sealants. One of the main benefits to double lock standing seam technology is that it allows for the expansion on contraction of the metal because the seams can “breath”. Meaning if thick copper sheets are used the roof can last for 600+ years. For example, The copper roof of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Hildesheim, installed in 1280 A.D., survived until its destruction during bombings in World War II; which is an impressive 662 years. Merlin’s Roofing Corp studies these ancient techniques which have been perfected and improved upon over the last millennium. European guild techniques are now taught by various masters throughout the world. Merlin’s Roofing Corp works closely with the foremost master/expert in Canada Peter Steetz from Steetz Copper craft, as well as various European masters from around the world including Russia, Sweeden, Germany, and more via the internet. We are constantly studying to improve our technique so we can leaders in bringing sustainable, environmentally friendly, roofing solutions that will be permanent for the life-span of the structure they protect. Merlin’s Roofing Corp manufactures and installs standing seam panels of all material types including copper, steel, and zinc.

Merlin’s Magic Lock Standing Seam

Merlin’s Magic Lock Standing Seam is a contemporary take on the traditional double lock standing seam. These panels fall into a category of standing seam called “Snap Lock” standing seam. They are 100% manufactured by us in Canada using high quality 24G or 26G steel with a 40 year paint warranty. We can manufacture roofing panels on site or locally in Poltimore, Quebec where we can ship them to anywhere in the provinces of Ontario or Quebec. Although the steel only comes with a 40 year paint warranty we utilize European guild techniques at the ridges, and around any penetrations such as plumbing stacks or chimneys to ensure that all of our Merlin’s Magic Lock roofs are engineered to last a minimum of 100 years with a simple re-paint at 40 years. Merlin’s Magic lock panels are very easy to assemble as well and can even be sold to the DIY enthusiast because of the ease of installation and that the specialty tools required are much less expensive. Aesthetically Merlin’s Magic Lock panels look almost identical to the traditional double lock standing seam. Snap lock style standing seam panels are common panel in the metal roofing industry. Other companies such as Ideal Roofing, and Vic West also manufacture snap lock standing seam style panels with the Heritage profile and the Prestige profile respectfully. In comparison to others, Merlin’s Magic Lock Standing Seam panels have some key benefits. First we use only high quality 24G or 26G steel which is very thick and resistant to hail damage, tree/debris damage, wind damage, and fire. Some other companies use 28G and 29G steel in their products, our 24G or 26G is more than 60% thicker! We offer our panels at competitive rates to our competitors who use the thinner metal, providing a better product to the customer. Another advantage to Merlin’s Magic Lock panels is that they utilize a floating clip system meaning the panels can expand and contract freely, other manufacturers use and integrated “nail strip” which is attached to the panel and does not allow any thermal expansion and contraction leading to metal fatigue and premature roof failure. Merlin’s Roofing Corp offers our Magic Lock panels as fully installed systems or as materials only to other roofing contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

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