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What to expect from a Professional Slate Roofing Company

Slate is a timeless and durable roofing material that adds elegance and character to your home, place of worship or business. Although slate is more expensive to install, the initial cost is offset by its fantastic longevity, the fact that it produces less waste than synthetic alternatives, and the fact that it gives your home and surroundings a high-quality, old-world feel.

Slate roofs can last a century or more if properly installed and maintained (or longer). Slate is often mistreated or mishandled by amateurs, resulting in a defective product and unnecessary repairs (and expenses).

Slate repair is frequently included in general contractors’ roofing services, but only a few roofing contractors specialize in the fine art of historic slate, clay tile, and copper roofing. Treating slate as you would any other roofing material can lead to disaster.

Professional slate roof contractors

As a premium but unique roofing material, slate demands a specialist. This holds for new roof installations as well as minor slate repairs like a single slate replacement. The slate orientation, how to match a replacement slate with existing slates, how the new slate is installed, assessing the surrounding area for wood rot or other damage, and so on are all skills that slate roof contractors possess.

Slate Roofing Services

If you are looking for a “lifetime” residential roofing system that can give exceptional durability and add a distinctive touch of timeless beauty to your property, then consider investing in a natural slate roof. Slate has long been prized for its natural beauty and durability, which are unmatched by other materials. Because purchasing a slate roofing system is a substantial financial investment, it’s critical to understand slate’s benefits and disadvantages before making a purchase.

Slate Roofing replacement

Merlins Roofing will provide top-notch service if you need a new slate roof installed or a replacement. We have decades of combined on-the-job experience, so we know what it takes to get the job done. We provide personalized attention and real artistry for any roofing material, including original and composite slate, as one of the largest roofing contractors in Val-des-Monts, QC.

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The Right Slate Roofing.

Slate is tough, but it is not indestructible. A slate roofing tile will crack if it is struck hard enough or if an inexperienced contractor steps in the wrong spot. Cracks allow water to enter inconvenient locations, resulting in leakage and, finally, rot or other damage. Cracks in slate roofs should be fixed as soon as possible. Similarly, misaligned tiles may allow animals or debris, as well as water, to enter.

Missing tiles are even worse than cracks. In this case, more of the underlying roofing structure is exposed to the elements, causing nearby tiles and other parts of your roof to be damaged more quickly. Without chinks in the armour, slates work best together. If you notice any missing slates, have them replaced as soon as possible. Water can seep into your roof’s most vulnerable areas, causing mould, mildew, and rot, as well as algae. These are signs of excessive moisture, which can damage the slates and roof and signal the presence of more severe issues elsewhere.

Trust the Specialist in Slate Roofing

Unfortunately, slate’s unbelievable durability is jeopardized by inexperienced contractors who do not specialize in this high-end material. Although slate is tough, it can be broken like anything if mishandled; the actual longevity of a slate roof is due to the slates working together in a mesh, similar to a phalanx, to prevent water and material from entering your home or business.

To save money and compete on price, slate roofing contractors often use low-quality slate, which is often imported, rather than better but more costly alternatives. Let’s be clear: slate roofing costs more upfront than other, less long-lasting roofing options. Savings on materials or labour are often too good to be true, resulting in higher costs in the long run.

Slate roofs are attractive because of their implied strength, at least in part except when it has sustained a long-term injury that has gone unnoticed or ignored for years and is now deteriorating. It’s tempting to go with a less costly contractor who will make any commitment to close the deal.

If properly installed and maintained, a slate roof replacement or repair is not costly. Stick with the slate experts. You’ll save time, money, and frustration.

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