Slate Roofing in Quebec

Merlin’s Roofing Corp is proud to be partnered with Miranda Craft Roofing for all of our slate roofing projects. Miranda Craft Roofing, owned by Daniel Miranda is a renowned slate installation company based in Toronto Canada. Daniel has received expert slate training in Germany and completed many top notch projects throughout Canada.

Miranda Craft Roofing is on site with us on all our slate roofing projects to ensure our projects are installed to the highest possible quality standards. In addition we work closely with the National Slate Association and North Country Slate to ensure we utilize the best quality materials and installation practices available when bringing your slate project to life. Much like double lock standing seam, slate is a historic roofing material that has been used for thousands of years throughout the world to keep water out of structures.

A quality S1 slate is simply a type of natural stone which has a balance between being soft enough that it can be cut in to slabs for roofing, but that is hard enough that it wont absorb water over time. For example clay is very soft and easily cut in to slabs but absorbs water easily as well. Granite is very hard and will last for many centuries before absorbing water and cracking but it is brittle and splinters easily when cutting.

Merlin’s Roofing Corp is proud to work with North Country Slate which is mined in Canada and Vermont USA meaning the stones are well suited for our climate, they also only sell premium S1 quality slates which is the best quality slate that can be bought. Don’t be fooled by cheap slate which may seem more cost effective but will be a wasted investment.

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