Merlins Roofing Corp


At Merlin’s Roofing Corp our highest priority and objective is to help influence the creation of permanent, sustainable roofing systems in Canada, and throughout the world. To that goals end Merlin’s Roofing Corp is happy to offer its full range of roof design, installation techniques, and safety procedures to anyone around the world. Weather you’re a home owner looking to DIY, or a professional company looking for the worlds best installation techniques we are here to help!

Our design service utilizes Google Sketch-Up to make 3D renderings of custom roofing details and structures so that you and your client see exactly how the roof system will look. Sketch-Up also allows us to build all of the elements in a real digital landscape which can greatly help with Installation as well

Our consulting services have a wide range depending on your needs. We can travel to you, to help you complete a project first hand, or we can chat on the phone about your project throughout its progression and any challenges you might be encountering. Finally we can provide digital correspondence based on photos or videos you send us.

Everything is up to you and you only pay for the services you require.  So what are you waiting for? Call Merlins Roofing Corp today and get started today.

The purpose of this service is to help spread awareness and knowledge about permanent and sustainable roofing solutions. We do not hold back any secrets and are eager for you to learn everything there is to know about roofing. Our design/consulting services start at 300$.

Fill out a service request or call us today for more information about our consulting services.