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Copper RoofIs Copper Roofing Worth the Cost?

Investing in copper roofing will increase your home’s resale value. Metal roofing will also lower the insurance rates due to its fire resistance, which is particularly important to homeowners. So, suppose you’re curious whether copper roofing is worth the money. In that case, it just depends on how much you value its beautiful appearance and whether you can support the cost of roofing replacement and its benefits.

Copper Roof Installations

Whenever it comes to new metal roofing, a copper roof is the best choice. Its longevity and visual beauty are unrivalled. Copper is not sprayed or painted, so it weathers without corroding. Copper roofs develop a protective green patina with age. They are a popular roof type that has built-in small sections for architectural purposes.

Copper roofs are mostly reserved for unique home designs, such as the roof of a main window or dormer, due to their high cost. Copper roofs avoid cracking, weakening, and eroding, and they can survive harsh weather conditions such as heavy snow, hail, and wildfires.

  • It will last for at least 60 years.
  • Adds a lovely architectural theme to your house.
  • Because of its fire resistance, it could lower insurance rates.
  • High return on investment in terms of home valuation,
  • Weathers well over time.

Copper Roofs: How Long Do They Last?

A copper roof outlasts conventional roofs, such as a replacement asphalt shingle roof. New copper roofs have a lifetime of 60 to 100 years with little maintenance needed.

Copper Roof Maintenance

Copper, unlike many other metal roofing products, does not require painting or finishing. Copper roofs can expand and compress due to weather conditions, which may cause fasteners to become loose and need repair, but this isn’t a big problem and is a simple fix even when it comes up during routine maintenance.

Copper Roof Cleaning

Copper roofing will lose its stunning shine after several years, but there are methods for cleaning a copper roof to preserve its natural copper appeal. There are solutions for copper roof cleaning that require a chemical or natural cleaner to preserve the original appearance, which you can do yourself with vast quantities of store-bought or homemade natural cleaner. Many individuals, however, choose to hire a professional copper roof cleaner to assist them in washing copper roofing materials and restoring their shine.

Preserving Copper Roof Color

To protect the natural shine of your copper roof, cover the whole copper roof with a transparent polyurethane coat or a clear lacquer when first mounting it; this will prolong your copper roof and postpone the natural green colour that comes with natural oxidization. Around 20 years after completion, a copper roof will begin to turn green. You should contact a local roofing contractor to have your copper roof washed or patched if necessary.

Copper Roof - 2The Pros And Cons Of Copper Roofing

Copper roofing, like most metal roofs, offers many advantages to the homeowner.

  • Curb Appeal – Copper is a visually appealing metal roofing material. A copper roof could be an excellent option if you want to maximize your house’s resale value.
  • Durability – Copper roofs are durable and can last up to 50 years or more with routine repairs and upkeep. The metal is highly fire, hail, and mildew resistant.
  • WeightCopper is a relatively light metal, an obvious advantage when used as the primary roofing frame. Lightweight roofs are less stressful on your home’s internal frameworks than heavy materials like concrete, clay tiles, or wood shakes; this is particularly important when there is a lot of snow.
  • Efficiency – Most metal roofs are energy efficient because they capture light rather than allowing heat to enter the home. Copper is no different. Installing a copper roof will help you save money on heating and cooling.

The disadvantages of copper roofing are minor, but they should be mentioned. If the roof is built over an open frame, noise may be a problem. Since metal does not absorb noise and softer materials such as asphalt or timber, sound-absorbing materials such as plywood, solid sheathing, or an existing shingle roof are needed.

Copper, like many other metal roofing options, is usually more costly than shakes or shingles. While installation is fast and straightforward, the material itself is more expensive to manufacture.

During weather conditions, copper roofs appear to extend and compress. When this occurs, the fasteners can become loose and need to be repaired; this should not be a cause for alarm, but it must be maintained to ensure your home’s safety.

A metal roof’s advantages far exceed the additional cost, but this is a personal choice that each homeowner must make for themselves.

Is Copper Roofing a Good Option for Your Home?

To learn more about copper roofs or other residential and commercial roofing options, contact Merlin’s Roofing. Roofing has always been our passion and profession for many years, and we are proud to serve customers in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada. For any of your copper roofing needs, contact Merlin’s Roofing at (613) 601-2570.

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