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Slate has numerous advantages: it is elegant, durable, and minimal maintenance. However, if you employ an amateur to do the tile work, you may be disappointed with the outcome. The finished product may not be as attractive, it may not last as long, and you may find yourself hiring another contractor for repairs frequently.

Why Hire A Professional Slate Roofing Contractor?

The slate roofing contractor you hire can make or break your slate roof job. The following four factors demonstrate why experience should be the deciding factor:

They Are Aware of the Risks

You do not need to inform an expert slate roofing contractor of the amount of money you have put into this project; they are already aware. They understand that precision and delicacy are necessary for safely installing pricey slate roof tile.

Additionally, they understand how difficult a slate roof installation may be, particularly on a steeply pitched roof. They are protected by liability insurance, so you never have to worry about additional payments due to injuries or damage.

They Are Trained — And Ensure That Their Employees Are As Well

Installing slate tile is not as simple as installing asphalt shingles. To earn manufacturer certification, such as GAF’s TruSlate certification, personnel must demonstrate their knowledge through written tests and on-the-job training.

Once they have obtained this accreditation, they ensure that every crew member receives the same level of training. There are no inexperienced subcontractors on their crew. They understand that expertise and skill are required for a successful slate roof installation. They ensure that everyone they hire receives the necessary training to be an asset rather than a liability.

They Can Explain Their Actions

Slate roofing contractors with experience are experts of their art. They can educate you on the differences between the many types of slate tile. They are capable of justifying each entry on the estimate they submit. They will lead you through the process, explaining how each step will be accomplished. This demonstrates that you can entirely rely on their competence.

They Have a Real-World Curriculum Vitae

The résumé is the best litmus test for any contractor, notably those who work with slate. They should provide you with the names, contact information, and addresses of previous satisfied customers. You can contact their references if you choose, but you can also drive by and see their work.

Merlins Roofing is committed to providing superior service. With decades of cumulative on-the-job experience, we have the expertise necessary to meet your needs. We offer customized service and real artistry on all roofing materials, including original and composite slate.

Repair of Slate Roof

As a recommended roofing contractor, we recognize that slate roofs are durable, appealing, and slightly more expensive than shingles or metal roofs. However, one advantage to consider is that a leak in your slate roof can be repaired without requiring a complete roof replacement. We offer slate roof repair to all of our Canadian customers. We will do everything possible to salvage any remaining slates and replace only those that are unusable.

Our slate roof repair method is rigorous and begins with an in-depth inspection of the issue. We inspect the roof for missing and broken slates, as well as the flashing and valleys, to determine whether the top can be restored. After assessing the condition, we provide you with work estimates that include pricing and warranty information. Before beginning repairs, we will create a unique arrangement to prevent us from walking directly on the slates. We replace missing or fractured slates by removing the old nails with a particular instrument called a slate ripper. Following that, we remove any broken slate, install a slate hook, and hang a fresh slate. Occasionally, we may need to replace the flashing or valley, but we always attempt to reuse the original slates.

Roof Replacement: Original Slate vs. Composite SlateRepair of Slate Roof

If you’re considering slate for a roof replacement or new roof and have a budget in mind, we can install the ideal slate for your budget and architectural style. If you want to give your home or company a premium appearance, consider the several benefits of the original slate. While it is more expensive than composite slate, it is an enduring approach to enhance the architectural appearance of any structure because of its long-lasting nature, durability, and unrivalled beauty.

Composite slates, often known as synthetic slates, provide significant cost reductions. While typical slate costs between around $25 and $40 per square foot, composite slate costs between $7 and $20 per square foot. Along with material savings, you’ll save money on installation, as composite slate roofs are far easier and faster to install than natural slate roofs. Switching to synthetic slate is likely to save you hundreds of dollars.

Slate rooves are a work of art. Merlins Roofing will install unique tiles throughout the roof pitch, blending colours unrivalled and sizes to produce a distinctive appearance. Once completed, your handcrafted slate roof will be naturally water repellent, fireproof, and highly resistant to the elements. Choosing the appropriate slate roofing contractor for your job is crucial. Installing a slate roof may be the most expensive and significant home improvement project you ever do.

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