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We install copper roofs on properties in the area at Merlin’s Roofing. Copper is an excellent roofing material because it combines high thermal properties with flexibility, making it suitable for all types of properties. Merlin’s Roofing’s team is experienced and knowledgeable in installing copper roofs and can meet your needs effectively no matter what they are.

The Advantages of Copper Roofing

Copper roofs are cost-effective. In terms of durability, copper roofing outperforms other roofing materials such as slate. When properly maintained, our copper roofs can last up to 100-600 years; they are resistant to elements such as rain, hail, and mildew, and they are one of the most fireproof materials available.

Environment-friendly We at Merlin’s Roofing adore anything environmentally friendly, and copper roofing is unquestionably one of them. Because metal reflects heat rather than absorbs it, copper roofing allows you to control better the costs associated with heating in your home. When you consider this, as well as the material’s durability and cost-effectiveness, copper roofing comes highly recommended as an excellent way to reduce environmental footprints.

Lightweight and adaptable Copper is a lightweight material that is quick and simple to transport and install. Installing copper roofing reduces the amount of stress placed on your building’s structure. We can install copper roofing to uneven or irregular roof shapes thanks to our expert roofers and the flexibility of copper.

A Wise Investment – Popular Metal Roofing Materials

Copper reigns supreme among popular metal roofing materials. Copper, unlike steel, will not rust or corrode and will not need to be painted at any point during its lifecycle. After decades of exposure to rain, snow, and sleet, this lack of extra maintenance can result in significant savings in both money and time. The accumulating patina will envelop the original copper, protecting it from the coming storms, snows, and baking days.

Copper has a durability that few roofing materials can match, except for slate and clay tiles. Copper, like slate and clay tile, is fire resistant. Copper, unlike slate, is lightweight and can put less strain on a home that isn’t built to withstand the natural weightiness of stone. Although modern hooking systems can assist older homes in bearing the additional weight, an airy metal such as copper can be a beautiful and resilient substitute. Lighter building materials provide more installation options, which contributes to copper’s popularity among architects.

Copper-armouring your home will save you a lot of trouble in the coming decades.

Copper and other naturally durable materials are a wise investment as storm systems change and the climate becomes more volatile. However, storms are accompanied by wind, intense cold, unexpected heat, and blinding sunlight. While copper can withstand the worst of conditions, its thermal properties necessitate special installation precautions. Copper, more than other roofing materials, expands as it warms and contracts as it cools. As a result, temperature variations will cause the metal to travel, take up more or less space, crack insecure seams, and put immense pressure on adjacent roofing structures if left with no place to go.

Improperly sealed seams, the use of caulk instead of lead-free solder, insufficient or misplaced expansion joints, and a slew of other blunders are the hallmarks of an inexperienced roofer, and each one guarantees premature failure. Therefore, when selecting a copper roofing contractor, consider their experience, training, and project portfolio, as well as how they handle follow-up quality control.

Choose the most experienced copper roofer available and don’t cut any corners.

Experience Is Essential – Installing Copper RoofingInstalling Copper Roofing

Copper’s potential, whether as ornamentation, gutters, or roofing, is only limited by the architect’s or craftsman’s imagination. Copper roofs are typically constructed from a continuous sheet of metal laid down as interlocking panels or numerous overlapping shingles. For an exact, seamless fit, continuous sheeting necessitates precise measurement. Because it is a one-of-a-kind specialty job, it is less common than panels. Copper panels are less expensive and come in standard widths. This convenience comes with prominent seams where the panels are joined. Standing seam copper roofs are crimped together, whereas others may be soldered or welded together.

Copper shingles are relatively inexpensive but must handle them with care to avoid damage to the material. Copper shingles necessitate copper fasteners rather than steel or aluminum fasteners to prevent copper’s unusual reaction in prolonged contact with other metals. Copper can be temperamental, and it bears repeating: experienced roofers are required.

Whatever style you choose, a copper roof is a wise investment. It can raise the monetary value of your home, improve its curb appeal, and instill trust in potential buyers. The top is made of metal. There isn’t much to be concerned about as long as maintenance is performed regularly. Any copper roof is a seductive conversation piece among the drably outfitted asphalt homes limping along from decade to decade on tar patches and roof replacements.

It is common to cover only a portion of the roof or limit its application to aspire, balcony, turret, or awning to offset some of the installation and material costs of a new copper roof. However, even in small quantities, a properly soldered copper seam, valley, or chimney flashing will provide significant water protection while providing the long-lasting beauty of metal rather than unsightly tar or caulk.

The importance of experience and skill for roofing repairs and installations is true for any contracting work, especially for premium materials like slate, clay roofing tiles, and copper. Sure, copper is a durable and flexible material, and you would expect a capable contractor to be available for such a high-end material. However, due diligence is still essential. Even the best roof will fail prematurely if inexperienced, clumsy jack-of-all-trades contractors install it. Should also avoid excessive discounts intended to entice buyers. When their shoddy work fails, you might find yourself dealing with nothing.

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