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Excellent custom copper and sheet metal roofing

Merlin’s Roofing is the right choice for you if you want an excellent custom copper roof or installation for your residential house. In the Val-des-Monts area, we have a diverse portfolio of magnificent, well-executed projects. We design customized copper installations for our clients based on their individual needs. Our master craftsmen create eye-catching copper standing seam roofs, copper domes, and custom ornamental copper details. For assistance in making your vision a success, contact us today.

Residential Custom Copper & Sheet Metal

Homeowners often select a custom copper roof or installation for all metal roofing materials’ elegance and beauty. Copper roofing has a distinct appearance that is particularly attractive on homes with wooden exteriors. A custom copper roof will change colour over time, eventually hitting an exquisite jade-like hue in a matter of years.

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Practical benefits provided by Copper Roofs

Aside from aesthetics,  sheet metal and custom copper roofs have practical advantages that make them an excellent alternative for homeowners. Copper is highly robust and naturally corrosion-resistant. It can survive extreme conditions, such as heavy rain and snow. Copper, when properly mounted, has excellent leak protection. Furthermore, copper is an excellent fire-resistance material. It would not burn, making it an excellent roofing material for homes in high-risk areas. 

Finally, copper has a much longer lifespan than asphalt shingles and shake. As with any other roof structure, proper maintenance is needed to prolong the life of a copper roof.

Durable: Copper is highly durable and naturally corrosion-resistant. It can endure harsh conditions, making it a standard option among local businesses. We blend the natural resilience of copper with our craftsmen’s artisanship to build a roof that can comfortably last 60 to 80 years. Our copper roofs will shield the building from heat, rain, snow, high winds, and other weather conditions for centuries to come.

Elegant: Copper roofing is a common choice among metal roofing materials due to its elegance and beauty. Copper roofing has a distinct and welcoming appearance. A copper roof or decorative detail will change colour over time, beginning with a gleaming sheen and progressing to a lovely bronze hue and, finally, a glorious green patina.

Customized: Even though copper is malleable, it retains its toughness before and after shaping. Our expert craftsmen will shape this exceptional material into whatever shape our customers want. We will carry our customers’ visions to life through our customization capability. Merlin’s Roofing’s professionally skilled artisans have worked diligently to rebuild some of the most famous copper roofs, domes, and steeples. We can see our custom copper work on various historically significant objects, including government offices, cathedrals, temples, and many others.

A building’s main focal point is often a dome top, steeple, or metal cupola. That is why it is essential to hire only the most competent experts to repair, reproduce, or substitute it with meticulous care. Merlin’s Roofing team will collaborate with project managers, contractors, and developers to create a stunning, historically accurate finished product.

What is the Life Expectancy of copper and sheet metal roofing

Copper has a distinct personality and longevity that no other metal roof can equal. Its presence can complement any architectural style, from traditional to modern. Its comfort and beauty make it a favourite of many architects, designers, and homeowners.

Copper is used by standard techniques established by master roofers over the last 200 years. There are also examples of copper roofs that have been in existence for 300-600 years or more. Copper has one of the highest resistance to the elements of any roofing material.

A copper roof, when correctly built and constructed, offers a cost-effective, long-term roofing solution. Its low life cycle costs are due to copper’s low upkeep, long life, and salvage value. Copper, unlike many other metal roofing products, does not require painting or finishing.

Copper’s ductility and malleability allow it a simple material to mould over uneven roof structures. Copper is an excellent material for domes, angled roof forms, and castles.

New technologies and construction methods have been implemented to help in the simple, proper, and cost-effective installation of copper roofs in recent years. The durability of a copper roof, on the other hand, is characterized by the corners, ridges, and roof penetrations, which must be constructed using European Guild methods.

Discover more about our steeple, cupola, sheet metal and dome-roof restoration services. Get in touch with Merlin’s Roofing today. Call Merlin’s Roofing at (613) 601-2570 for all of your custom copper and sheet metal roofing needs.

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