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Merlin’s Roofing, Quebec’s best copper roofing company provides exceptional copper roofing and metal roofing services, including, but not limited to standing seam, flat-lock, custom ornamental work and decorative chimney caps.

For small or large, curved or flat roofs, copper is a timeless, beautiful solution that can last centuries if installed by a skilled hand.

Over time, copper develops a natural, protective coating – called Verdigris Patina – and does not need paint to prevent corrosion, as aluminum or galvalume roofs require. For this reason, lesser metal products aren’t suitable for small roofs with significant curves; the bent metal will crack the paint, leaving it vulnerable to corrosion and rust.

For truly creative applications, there is no metal better than copper.

Quebec’s Best Copper Roofing Company – Copper Roof Installers

We have completed thousands of copper roofing projects, from the very simple to the immensely complex (and award-winning). Our master craftsmen bring decades of combined experience to bear on every copper roofing project, either directly or by fostering the next generation of historic roofing experts through our industry-leading training and apprenticeship programs. As a result, your new copper roof will receive the attentive care that only a Durable trained, world-class craftsman can provide. Combined with our exhaustive Quality Assurance, you can be confident your roof will last centuries with only minor maintenance.

Moreover, to provide a lasting product that is as kind to the Earth as the eye, we only use lead-free solder. And while it is harder to use and requires an expert hand to apply correctly, it is safer for our employees, your garden, and the generations to come. A durable roof isn’t about expedience; it’s about doing what’s right, once.

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Why Copper Roofing Is A Wise Investment

Among other popular metal roofing options, copper is king. Unlike steel, copper won’t rust or corrode, nor will it need to be painted at any point in its lifecycle. After decades of exposure to rain, snow, and sleet, this lack of extra maintenance can result in serious money and time saved. The accumulating patina will shroud the original copper, protecting it against the battering storms, snows, and baking days to come.

Copper offers a permanence that few roofing materials – save for slate and clay tiles – can boast. And like slate and clay tile, copper is fire resistant. Unlike slate, copper is lightweight and can put less strain on a home not suited to the natural weightiness of stone. Although modern hooking systems can help older homes bear the extra weight, an airy metal like copper can be a beautiful and resilient substitute. Lighter building materials bring more installation choices, adding to copper’s popularity among architects.

Armouring your copper home will save you considerable worry through the coming decades.

As storm systems change and the climate becomes more volatile, copper and other naturally durable materials are a smart investment. But alongside storms come wind, intense cold, unexpected heat and blanching sunlight. While a copper roof can endure the worst of it, its thermal properties demand special installation precautions. Copper will expand as it warms and contract as it cools, more so than other roofing materials. Temperature variations will cause the metal to travel, taking up more or less space, cracking insecure seams and putting immense pressure on adjacent roofing structures if left with no place to go.

How To Choose Good Copper Roofing Company or Copper Roof Installers?

Improperly sealed seams, the use of caulk instead of lead-free solder, insufficient or misplaced expansion joints, and countless other missteps are the hallmarks of an inexperienced roofer and taken individually guarantee early failure. Choose Merlin’s Roofing, the copper roofing company roof installers have years of experience, training, and project portfolio, also we conduct follow-up quality control.

Cut no corners and choose the most experienced copper roof installers available today!

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