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Century Club

In today’s day and age most people are consumed with the immediate and temporary. Very few have the foresight, wisdom, or monetary capabilities to think about the long term or permanent. Although everything in this world is temporary within a certain perspective certain things are vastly less temporary. For example according to scientific theories the sun will burn out in millions of years from now, however its permanence in relation to Earth is unquestionable. Although human beings have not yet engineered structures or roofs that will last the life-span of the planet, we have figured out how to make roofs last for centuries with little to no maintenance. Meaning in the context of the life span of most homes, a permanent roofing solution is indeed possible! We characterize all permanent roofing solutions as, the Century Club.

Very few roofs last 100 years and qualify for the century club, however given the architecture of most homes and residential buildings this objective is easily attainable with the right material selection, and installation procedures/techniques.

Athletic Club

Talk to your Merlin’s Roofing representative today about how to make your roof part of the “Century Club”

At Merlin’s Roofing Corp. we offer the roofing industry’s only limited 100 year workmanship warranty. No material, or manufacturer warranty to lean on here. We will guarantee our workmanship for longer than anyone else. Upon completion of your roof system you will be awarded your detailed legal certificate and warranty document. In order to qualify you must talk to your sales representative about the program if they have not already done so. Next you must agree to one of our Century Club Estimates.

To build a roof you can be certain will last 100 years depends primarily on three factors. Material selection/installation, ventilation, and insulation. All three of these factors must work cohesively together in order to preserve the vitality of the roof system. In regards to material selection the two unmatched roofing materials in terms of durability and longevity are slate and copper. Although beautiful slate has shown throughout history it in last for up to 350 years without maintenance, while double lock standing seam copper can last up to 1600 years. Only natural slate and double locked 32OZ copper qualify for our 100 year warranty. Next is ventilation and insulation which work to balance each other out. The reason they are so critical to the longevity of your roof is because your roof will only last as long as structural wood which supports it. In order for wood to last a long time it must be constantly conditioned. Changes in temperature will create slight amounts of condensation even in very well ventilated spaces, so in order to control the humidity level in the wood it must be constantly ventilated with fresh air. Finally is insulation, in Canada we have very cold temperatures meaning we must heat our homes significantly. The consequence of a heated house envelope is warm air which permeates in to the attic (or ventilation chamber in the case of a cathedral ceiling). The warm air meets the cool air from outside within your roofs air space and instantly forms condensation/ice. Therefore, for a roof system to function properly the ventilation must be greater than the combined heat loss associated with a lack of insulation. If you exacerbate the principal of ventilation/insulation you end up with a “hot roof” which is a term in construction for a roof with no ventilation. In this type of roof system you increase the insulation to such a high level that you remove the need for any ventilation. Please note “hot roof” systems do not qualify for our 100 year warranty under any circumstances within Canada. In order to qualify Merlin’s Roofing Corp must have complete control of the design of the roof system although we will happily work with architects and engineers as job specifics dictate.