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Merlin’s roofing Company was founded on the philosophy of building roofing systems which will last longer than I will live. We have a deep commitment to quality and customer service. When you give us the responsibility of your roof we take care of it as though it was protecting our own family. I have even gone to get more materials at 10pm only to return at midnight to work by head-lamp until 2am at which time the entire roof was sealed. In this case a carpenter had removed a large section of roofing leaving a home exposed to rain which was expected that coming morning. We have a passion for our craft that makes the long hours enjoyable, and the quality of our workmanship exemplary. We take pride in the warranty that we offer our customers and know that we have done well by everyone who has trusted us with their roof. We are a relatively small company that focuses on its strength rather than its expansion.

We work to revive lost techniques from the ages of real tinsmiths and metal roofers where the magic of folding and bending metal is all you had rely on to keep things water tight, no caulking, flex seal, or tar. We are also always working to expand on traditional ideas with modern materials and techniques. Much of our inspiration is drawn from Europe where the quality of craftsmanship is at minimum 6x more than North America in relation to roofing knowledge/quality. Keeping all of this in mind we set our sights for the stars knowing with our approach, teamwork, determination, and care it is only a mater of time until we arrive. Philosophy taught through the art of roofing.


Types of Metal Roofing We Offer

Aluminum Roofs
Copper Roofing
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Steel & Metal Roofing